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We’re thrilled to have taken on the branding for TiLT, A Tracy Lee Stum Museum. The idea of the name came to mind after much research on the history and use of anamorphic art. This art form engages people in stepping inside the artworks, ’tilting’ your perspective on art.’ The brand needs to feel bright and dynamic and that’s what we’ve created with this logo. The language matches this sense of joy and exploration, promising the audience an experience it will deliver.

A Scrappy Little Agency From A Wee Island Wins A Big Award

engagers is pleased to share that last Wednesday at the 2016 Toronto ACE Awards we won an award for the Marketing Communications Campaign of the Year for our work on the ‘Bay of Quinte: Isn’t It Time’ campaign. As an upstart marketing and communications firm, we were excited to see the incredible results we achieved for our client, The Bay of Quinte, recognized at an annual awards gala whose other winners included brands YouTube, Sears and larger agencies like Fleishman Hillard, APEX Public Relations engagers, by comparison, is an ...

Website Redesign: When and Why it’s a Good Idea for your Business

  Often when Engagers begins working with a new client, redesigning their website is one of our first recommendations. The existing website usually isn’t inherently bad, but it needs to align with the overall marketing and development strategy. The number one factor that people use in determining an organization’s credibility is its website, but just as important is the role the site plays in achieving marketing and development goals. Here at Engagers, we’re re-evaluating our own website to support our marketing and development goals, and these are three key ...