The Engagers

5 Rules of Online Engagement

We’re often asked to give our advice for online engagement. Below is our top 5 list:

1. Content is king. Whether you’re working on search engine optimization for your website, gathering followers on social media or to selling your product, content is the key. This content needs to be shared through as many channels as possible to increase your ranking and reach. All of our research and experience shows that supplying people with content about your brand increases their potential to engage with your brand.

2. Social media is a conversation not a broadcast. The content you put out there should be meant to spur on a conversation or generate interest. Traditional advertising broadcasts a message while social media allows for you to share information for further sharing and a conversation. The most successful social media campaigns allow people to engage in the brand by sharing their ideas about it or present the audience with key information they can share with others. The process is dynamic.

3. Not all social media channels are for you. Once we finish our understanding of a brand (personality, audience, value proposition, strategy, etc.) we think about the marketing channels. For social media, we make sure that social media channels make sense for the brand. If you’re fundamentally trying to reach a general audience, social media channels like Facebook can be powerful for you. If you’re business to business, Facebook is likely less powerful and something like LinkedIn may be your best bet.

4. Know yourself. We always start our work by defining the brand personality: if the brand was a person, what are the adjectives you would use to describe it. From there you can develop the personality of the brand. Once you do, all of your posts to social media should be in keeping with this voice. Organizations often get in trouble or lose followers when they stray from their voice.

5. Amplify your marketing online. We typically create integrated marketing plans that look to leverage content through a series of channels. Doing so ensures consistency of messaging and online channels can be a powerful tool to target your audience for less money and to measure that success. For example, a 30 second TV spot can have a long from version online that has additional footage from your shoot and can engage people further…

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