The Engagers

Case Study: Canada Blooms

Engagers worked with the Canada Blooms stakeholders to chart a way forward and has been assisting on the delivery of this new mission.

Canada Blooms has a depth of talent and resources in its board of directors, staff, partners and potential partners and sponsors. This, along with the 200,000 people that loyally attend the world renowned festival each year places the brand in a strong position.

As Canada Blooms looked to re-imagine itself for the coming years; research indicates that these strengths could be capitalized on to create a more impactful event and organization. To this end, a series of recommendations for Mission, Governance and Action were created in a Strategic Plan that was endorsed by the Board of Directors.

Engagers spent the last year enacting this Strategic Plan by engaging the operations staff, new funders and partners, media and the general population. The end result is that the festival has drawn even greater crowds and higher sponsorship levels.